Long run with Suzanne

19mi. I ran at 5am which means at least a 16 miler. Suzanne S. is now training for the NYC marathon, so her Saturdays will be spent running long before the Amelia Island 1/2 Ironman, then maybe one after that. IT was raining hard at times, with wind and the beginnings of the hurricane/tropical storm Isaac coming to us. I need longer mileage familiarization runs too, so this is perfect for both of us. We ran with Walter and several others from the store, but Gary Walk and Erica went ahead after mile 1 on their own pace. I stopped on the way up form PGA in the bushes for a bathroom break, muffling my flashing lights from the view of passing police cars as I did. I used most of A1A to catch Walter and Suzanne before Donald Ross Road. We went back to the store, drank some and headed back out for the 10.5mi loop. We were surprised at how long it took for the sun to rise, we had reached Carlin Park almost in the dark. We spoke how this would make next month’s lulu Beach Bash a bit funny if the meditation and yoga happened in the dark! We ran and stopped briefly at the Inlet bathroom, then south down through the pier area and to Donald Ross Road. We drank there and ran with Linda to her street, then linda ran the remainder of the duck pond with us. Once linda left us, it began raining just to make us remember what we were running through when we started.

This run was good for both of us. At a controlled pace, we both felt fine in the latter miles, each having some soreness in one side on our hip area. I didn’t have any nutrition, just water and Endurox at mile 6 and upon finishing. Once back at the store, Suzanne and I had a quick meet up at DD before we went into Saturday family and fun things.

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