30 miles for fun?

30mi. “Hey Dave! It’s Saturday morning. You went to the Square Grouper ’til 1am. Why not wake up at 2:40am and start a 3:15am run from the store?” That’s what’s bouncing around in my head. It would be easier to try the long run next week. After 5 days of Hurricane Isaac rains, I’m not taking any chances. It’s happening today, despite how baked I feel. This can be run and sleep deprivation training all wrapped together.  Oh my.

I arrive at the store, definitely alone, and already the temps are at 84 degrees. I start running south, equipped with a carbo pro bottle around my waist, a gatorade diluted bottle in my hand and a few mini Clif Bars and Clif Builder’s Bars. It wasn’t breezy so I started sweating early. I was well-lit, the front and rear light on my baseball cap did a nice job of letting cars and cyclists know I was coming. I ran down to Singer Island in an uneventful manner, pace was about 9-9:15 min miles. I did not feel I could near hit the 8:17 average pace I did last time I spun 30 miles. I did go further on Singer Island, around to the Blue Heron Bridge, up and over it for a hilly mid run 2 miles. Running back, again, uneventful. I don’t have to use my visor light while on Singer Island, the roads are very well lit since the construction is done on A1A. I met Walter at PGA & US-1, we ran and talked ’til arriving back at the store. Dave Capparrelli was there as I’d hoped from his text – great as always to catch up with him. We ran the store loop 10 miles together, sharing some chat time with Suzanne M. and Teresa. Once I got back to Donald Ross Rd, I had to spin around the duck pond, then a lap over the DR bridge. I stopped my watch at the Inlet and Carlin Park to visit the men’s room. Once I started, I ran some before remembering to flick the START button again. So my Garmin report says 30 miles done, but I know I went a little further, no more than a mile, by forgetting to take the watch off of pause.

Nutrition was good, mainly remembering to eat along with the drinks infused with Carbo Pro, etc. I couldn’t have felt good about running 20 more miles this morning, but that’s ok. I’ll have better prep and sleep when that comes up.

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