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Straighten it out

models_7652_image0182000 yards. I am not a swim  coach, but I am very observant. I can through periphery, see what others are doing nearby in lanes on either side of me. I watch in particular, the faster folks. Sometimes I pull over and watch them approach the wall and swim away. I look for form, arm and head position, and I watch to see if they employ a good powerful kick. I don’t kick much, so that’s interesting to my goggle-capped eyes.

In my last swim post, I noticed I was slowing in my stroke count efficiency. Today I wanted to find out why. Jumping in the pool, I do well. What I observed and discovered was that my arm was near straight and extended in the early laps, then it got lazy and bent as I progressed through the workout. I concentrated on keeping it straighter and not bending at the elbow so much and it worked. My placement along my familiar markers on the wall was definitely better when I kept this straight arm awareness. I must have found a way to lazily get my arm from the end of the reach to the side of my leg with less resistance and therefore, less propulsion. I am excited that I may have cured a potential lodestone in my technique. I’ll keep it top of mind and report back!


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