20130219-163436.jpg 6.5 mi. This is my signature as of late. Do a marathon, show up and run the bridge like it was nothing. It has been a full year since I started using Protandim. I have seen truly remarkable recovery since 3 weeks after beginning it’s use. I know my body, I keep a good schedule, the differences I’ve experienced are real. Today I came at what I thought was the correct time, but Paul was already running solo in the parking lot. I couldn’t come up to him, so my first three laps were solo and at a pretty favorable pace. Going down was easier than going up, but up didn’t feel bad, either! Paul ran with John, and when I was on the other side of the hill, Paul fell in the road, scraping his thumb. Good thing John was running with him, I don’t want to be the one that comes upon a fallen runner at 5am in Riviera Beach. Of course I’ll do the CPR, etc. if necessary, Id just rather never experience that if possible. On my fourth lap, I felt a tingling in my right inside knee area. I have no history of any injury or hot spot there. Once this happened, I figured it was time to hit the men’s room and run a bit more on the flat ground. I am in no rush to push things too far to the point of injury. A mile in the parking lot and another half mile with Lanae and I was happily done. I know when I run this close to a race, my week goes well – less stiffness and more mobility going forward. I went to DD with Lanae and had a coffee, discussing what’s happened training wise so far in 2013 and what will be ahead in prep for Ironman Zurich. The system is working fine. My benchmark of being able to go hard and recover fast is noticeable by others.

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