Is it working?

2000 yards.  Because I’m not a swim fanatic, it’s easy for me to question the effectiveness of doing the boring workouts. It does allow me time to think undisturbed. And I feel the soreness in my arms from swimming on Monday, doing weights for upper body on Tuesday and retruning for more laps today. I think that’s the benefit – plowing through the unfamiliar fatigue of the swim movements. I think about the ongoing Boston investigation and first hand reports from others that were there. I think about envisioning the race in Zurich. There is so much to capture and think about with that, I am only vaguely familiar with the course area near the lake. I can only imagine what I’ll see on the bike course. I can visualize swimming in the lake and running around the perimeter 4 times. If that course really is 4 loops, each being 6.5mi lng, I have an hour per loop to present a sub 4 hr marathon after my ride. I think about these things while people drop into lanes next to me, watch through the window from the weight room, and I stay evenly spaced from the reliable older lady that swims in the first lane. We go the same speed. She doesn’t look like she’ moving quickly, but she is very efficient when she swims…

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