40 and cracked

20140629-092724-34044460.jpg50mi – Today I woke and thought it might be nice to do a longer than my usual 30 mile ride to the inlet. I left home with a water bottle and a clif bar. I did remember to wear the lulu headband. Mid summer rides = headsweat in my eyes!

I did well going north with a crosswind from the west. At Dwyer High school, my Cateye stopped calculating speed. It was still on, but displaying the “0 mph” message. No idea why this went sour, I wasn’t low on batteries (It blinks before it dies) nor did i hit the sensor by my left crankarm. I tried goofing with it at the turnaround but no luck. That thing is wireless and frustrating to calibrate all over again. Maybe it’s just the battery in the sensor unit.

I rode to Jupiter Island and up to Hobe Sound Beach, finding the Fun Runners stopped at their halfway point. I stopped, took the photo above and then headed south a little bit before they did. The group caught me at just past Blowing Rocks, but they splintered into a mess of tired riders after that. I picked off some of them in groups, some solo, until all I had in front of me was one guy on a white bike. We crossed the US-1 bridge toegther and then turned onto A1-a. He drafted from me all the way to Donald Ross Rd, then went west. By the time I had done that, I was tired. I rode past Jessica’s house and that’s when it hit – I am 40 miles into the ride and I cannot carry a fats pace anymore. I don’t know my speed or cadence due to the malfunctioning computer – but I can feel I’m worn out. I make it onto US-1 and plod back to Northlake, then home against the wind from the west. Sami, our guest from France is awake and curious about my ride and the cycling gear I have on. It’s still early Sunday morning, before 9:30am. Good effort, but I’m not in great cycling shape.

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