Rosh Hoshanah ride

IMG_4393.JPG30 miles.  What a difference this makes! I met Suzanne at Loggerhead Park at 8:15am. We rode to Bridge Rd and back, sometimes fast, sometimes at a pace we could talk through. At the Hobe Sound beach park, we met and spoke with a few people Suzanne knew. I flushed shower water on my hair and let it drip down my neck. We rode back with them, a claimed “20mph pace was not accurate. Suzanne’s friend (Bill?) started the trouble once we were along the beach road. He picked up the pace from the group, pulled out to the left and took Suzanne along. I followed, keeping my turn to pull. Two pulls and the group broke apart. Gradually they all made theri way together again, but it broke apart again. Soon it was Bill, Suzanne, another guy and myself. Bill waved us on to pull and never took his turns. Soon I was alone with just the other guy, all the way to the first Jupiter Island bridge.

I enjoyed the new found freedom of riding in the morning on a “work day.”  I showered at the beach and Suzanne and I went to Tropical Smoothie for protein drinks. We also checked out the new Trader Joes store in the same plaza. Yes I will enjoy doing more of this…

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