Track with spikes 

 5 miles – Today I wore John’s track spike shoes to the workout. We watched the IAAF London World Championships, taking place in the rain. I wondered what that would be like, John reminded me he had his spikes in the closet – so why not try that route. This was my first time running with them, having never competed in high school or college running.

They (Addidas) are light and long, a size 10. The most noticeable feature is their negative drop – the front of the foot is higher off the ground than the heel. I run with Altra shoes, zero drop, but this was even more pronounced.

It rained as I drove to the Benjamin Track, and then continued that way for the warm up mile. I could grip on the surface well even when it was wet, the negative drop thing wasn’t evident. I found the weight of the shoes amazing – so light as if I only wore a sock with the spikes attached. When we began the regular intervals, the rain stopped for good.

1 mile warm up jog

100m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
400m w/100m recovery

1 mile cool down jog

Speaking with Paul after the run, he said my calves and legs would feel the difference from the spikes. I didn’t think anything would happen, as I didn’t feel any difference. He was right! Thursday night in bed and Friday morning my Achilles area was very sore on both sides. I couldn’t stretch it out or find relief. Saturday’s long run would be interesting, as I wondered if it would heal up by then.

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