A crowd of runners

21 miles – With a scheduled 4:40 am start, who can tell which runners will show up in an electrical storm for the long one.

I spoke with a few people mentioning that I was doing a 20 miler today. I said I’d start at 4:40 am, run south to the church on Singer Island, then back up for an early 8 miles. Then complete the 10 mile group run, and add on the bridge at the end.

I received a few text messages early as the radar and weather app signaled heavy rain in Jupiter area. Even with teeming rain and a flooded parking lot, a great group of 6 others came to start early and do the run!

Teresa and Walter were there at 4 am but said the rain was so hard, they couldn’t get out of the cars to begin. Janet and Maribel were ready, even with a fear of lightning. Seth came along, as did Kaitlyn who stayed with me the whole run.

We ran south in a mild drizzle until just before mile #2, then it stopped raining for good. Walter ran his own pace, I started by introducing everyone and keeping the conversation rolling among Teresa and Maribel, Kaitlyn and Janet. Seth and I ran in front.

At 8 miles, Kaitlyn and I kept going after the group start. We kept near the 8:00 pace goal, slowing slightly on miles 6,7, 9, 10. One the sun was up, we were at just below goal pace. I had 3 gels and salt pills, taken near the miles I normally would use them on a water stop course. My left glute/top of hamstring was pulsing sore, it needs a stretch, relax, massage, or aggressive lacrosse ball treatment!

We got to Donald Ross Road with just over 18 miles done, then ran over the bridge and back. Coming back to the Donald Ross shower meant we had completed 21 miles – in an average pace of just under 8 minute miles.

One more run like this in two weeks and I will be all trained and ready for the taper.

I went to Massage Envy after for a deep tissue treatment – if not for 21 miles then when would I go?

~ dm

One thought on “A crowd of runners

  1. Great job out there today Dave! I’d have never known when I saw you that you probably had 18 miles under your belt. Glad you had such a good crew for support. Cheering for you to get that BQ in August.

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