More time in the saddle

39 mi. It’s good for me to keep track of the workouts and mileage, I guess I should look back now and again to see what I did that worked. This ride was from Carolyn’s house in North Palm Beach to Bridge Rd, Hobe Sound and back. Our average speed was below 16mph, it was more about building her confidence back from a recent crash than it was about training earnestly. For me, injured, any time riding is better than not using my legs!

It went well, I notice I have something goofing up in my spokes. I hear pinging with revolutions of the rear wheel, especially when I lean on the right side crankarm. I see I’d have to remove the tire to have access to anything that would allow a person to tighten or loosen the spokes… Hmmm?  Carolyn was good to ride with, she said she was nervous but didn’t show it.  She rode and talked and rode and talked, just like me!  Before long we were returning on beat-up US-1 to finish the ride.  Upon arriving at her house, she was surprised to learn that our total for the day was 39 miles. oh, and something I thought of and didn’t write – I saw many runners at the Turtle Trot race over at Carlin Park.  Looking back I have seen that race so many times and only entered it once or twice. No, once.  I’m not in fantastic 5k shape, but looking at the results, I could do well at this event.

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