Seldom still.

20 mi.  When I see a forecast, I’m not really looking for the temperature as much as the wind speed and direction. 10mph S SE means most of my ride around Singer Island will be exposed to the wind. It is seldom still. The aero wheels feel the side gusts, and obviously the head on exposure saps speed and power.  Today I felt the breeze down Northlake heading east, then head on southbound on US-1. Once over the BH bridge, I used the speed form the downhill to get my legs going faster than usual. With some breeze helping me and some hitting the wall of condos on the ocean, I happily saw my speed in the 24-25 mph range. Hopefully that was pinned down long enough to offset the 17-18mph I saw while going against the wind earlier. I had all of my lights on, but still don’t get much advance notice of what’s in the road ahead of me. And today I forgot to pocket my cellphone, so wiping out couldn’t be part of today’s agenda. PGA was brief and traffic free, Campus drive had me racing a car arund the narrow turn before St Marks.  Coming south on Military Trail, the wind was there again, and going west on Northlake I felt pushed. My avg speed was 20.7, good for a morning outing in the dark. I like to incorporate a walk of a mile when I’m done to loosen up and stretch my legs.

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