A rare calm.

19mi. It’s never so calm that you can ride in any direction and feel like there’s no wind. Except for this morning! It rained last night, so I didn’t fill up my tires to 140psi ’til the early am hours. I used the new PGA-Mirasol route and improved the average speed for today to 21.7mph.  I say this is a good time, good for the dark, but if it were light I’d be contesting more traffic, so maybe these are the optimal conditions for this type of ride.  I didn’t have to stop for lights or cars in the way, it was all me.  I used almost all of the aero water bottle on the ride. I pulled my saggy cycling shorts (my worst pair) all the way up so they didn’t bunch up while riding. I didn’t hear as much from the pinging spoke, I may not have been concentrating on it too much, though. I kept thinking that in fair conditions, I have to be able to keep a 22+ mph pace in a tri. This training will help, I’m close already. I feel my legs benefitting from the training unlike when I run.  When I run again, I have to test myself and put more load on my legs for climbing or turnover.  I feel as if I’m growing cycling wise, but running is flat.  Good to know, that will be next on the list.

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