Miami ride

32 miles. This was a great ride starting at the end of Key Biscayne in Bill Baggs State Park. I was camping with the scouts and knew bringing the tri bike was a good idea. I woke at 5:45am and had to sneak out of the park, which doesn’t open until 8am. (I also had to sneak back in) I rode through Key Biscayne, not knowing if I’d have to pay the toll to get back on the island. I came down the bridge looking to go as fast as possible, I reached 44.8 mph and felt very good at that speed!  Once on the mainland, I went through Miami downtown, Bayside and Bayfront area, then up onto I-395 next to the American Airlines Arena. It’s odd to be riding on the shoulder of an Interstate. It only lasted 2-3 miles until I got to Miami Beach, then back to bumpy roads and traffic lights.  I rode Ocean Drive to the end, then took the Convention Center rd to Venetian Causeway. There’s one drawbridge on that stretch of road – it was just going up as I got there.  I found US-1 again by the Miami Herald building and retraced my path back to the Rickenbacker Causeway.  There were so many people out riding and running, more than a Saturday at Juno. So many new bikes and outfits of local shops and Euro teams. I was glad I squeezed in the time for this quick workout, nobody noticed I was gone.  It was a good start to my birthday!

Here's Miami at 6:10am

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