Long run in a long time!

We saw no snow on today's hot course, but we did happily complete Charlotte's first 50k run!

31mi. This was my ultra distance training run that will suffice as a long run for the MiamiMan Tri. It is NOT on any training plan that I’ve heard of, but 5.5 hrs on any course prying against the body’s creakiness is good training for the race.  Charlotte said she hadn’t done a long run in a month, I had planned on doing the 50k from my house, so it came together nicely!

Things I remember about it:

  • Early start.
  • a very slow pace throughout. Much sun after 8am, so we “hid” from it on Alt A1-A coming back.
  • I had no food before the run and did no exercises either, just woke up and went.
  • We stopped at Jon B’s house at 29 miles to show him the Garmin, but he wasn’t home.
  • I had no gels and 1 Cliff bar at the mid point (Jupiter Inlet turnaround.
  • Charlotte was very strong throughout the run.
  • One of my legs was getting stiff after 26 miles, a stretch and such helped. My shoe on left foot was too tight, loosening relieved alot of pressure and weird feelings at mile 15.
  • People really don’t know how wacked 50k voluntary runs are. Most never run over the marathon distance ever.

I will try for further, but I have to build up to that. I’d like a chance at the Keys 100 50 miler again… that would be a wonderful thing to train for…

Charlotte’s Garmin mileage report –


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