Another 100 for the cause

100mi This ride was done with Charlotte in better conditions than the September century.  It was 72 degrees and a 6-7mph breeze from the N-NE, which was not a problem going there in the dark.  On the way up, Charlotte’s from light fell off the front of her bars, she did have a second one. We stopped and picked up the plastic piece s and batteries out of the middle of A1-A. We threw the broken plastic away during a brief stop at Bridge Rd’s park. Riding in the dark does require a good amount of concentration. Some road are  lit, some dark.  My headlight was slipping in its mount, it kept pointing down too close to me so I’d push it back up to point further down the road. I have to tighten that phillips head screw mount for future dark rides.

I felt good and our pace had us arrive at the Ft Pierce  Cumberland Farms store just after 7am. I sent a few txts to let people know we had made it up there safely in the dark, now it was time to pedal home in the light and actually see what we had been riding alongside on the way up.  It’s a great course as shown in Charlotte’s Garmin map and report. We averaged 18.4 on my computer, better than the last effort.  I didn’t feel totally tanked, it was a good endurance day of training.  A few brick workouts then I’ll be ready to race.

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