Twenty two more in the bucket

22 mi. If they really keep track somewhere in “run karma land” the miles you cover (’cause I don’t) then I’m that much further towards the goal. I went to the Loggerhead 4 mile road race last night as a volunteer and watched some very impressive performances. Local pro Mitch Guirard came with a barely over 5min/mile  pace to win, followed by Robert and his 5:40 avg pace. In watching Mitch run, he floated effortlessly as his arms stayed low. I wanted to try some of that, when better than while completely alone in the dark. I got out of my car in a drizzle, moments later the sky unloaded full force on me, the almost painful rain that made me glad I had a big Oakley visor to protect my eyes. . I had both front and rear blinking lights, so I figured I could run right down the center of the street. I chose different terrain – the Ellison Wilson Blvd route south. It poured rain on me all the way to FP&L. I was saturated and I felt the shorts wadding and burning a nice patch on the inside of each leg, high on my thigh. I ran around to PGA with the higher than my usual cadence and short stride. No Garmin meant I was guessing my pace, don’t really know what I was running. I ran up A1A back to the store, a light rain was all that was left. At the store I picked up Suzanne and Chiara, Adrienne and Michael Papa. I ran with the girls ’til just after the Marcinski Rd light, then went back to my other pace from the earlier miles. I ran with Dave Garfield up near Maltz Theater, alone to the Inlet, the with Linda from the Inlet all the way down to the duck pond. Adrienne caught and ran with us at Turquoise roofs water stop. I continued solo to J-Town, then half way around the pond until meeting with Benji – we went back around the pond, up to the store and over the bridge. I felt good breath and leg-wise. I used the 110% calf sleeves and noticed the inserts had shrunk. They say you cn wet them and they’ll puff back up – TBD once I get home. I’ll try them after tomorrow’s ride.

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