Spin a negative into a good workout

9mi  Fifty or sixty miles of cycling on a windless South Florida morning, that was my plan. I had dropped John off at CVS for his scout trip to NC. I made it to Loggerhead Park nice & early, too. I forgot the headband again – a noticeable loss in humid heat conditions. Austin, Troy Holloway and I left promptly at 6:45am heading north. Only 2.5 miles into the ride, my rear tire failed. Flat. Even with an emergency spare packed, no way was I going to trust a Dave-installed sew up tire for another 58 miles! I slowly rode the flat back to Loggerhead Park. I thought of going home, but to what? Painters at the house? I decided to run solo up to Carlin Park, return, and swim with those that do that each Sunday. I kept a peppy pace going to Carlin Park, then to Indiantown Rd, then to Circle K — heck, I should just go to the Inlet! Once there I figured I’d have to go quick to be back in time to meet the bikers on the swim. I came back and tried one buoy lap with Anita and another woman from Caloosa. Plenty of seaweed, and complaints from previous swimmers about sea lice. I was glad I didn’t allow the flat tire to derail my day – it was an adjustment to a different type of plan.

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