The most important run of the month

20121204-093725.jpg7 mi. A cool breeze from the east and 74 degrees, just like Sunday’s marathon. I did a warmup mile in the parking lot but didn’t cool down afterwards – 6 miles of hills was enough. It was slim attendance today, fittingly Paul showed up after me and we ran our first two laps on the hill solo. Adrienne and Kylan came and I finished my 4 remaining laps with them. Robert D and John R. came, that was all I saw during my stay. The photo is a thru the windshield view of the Blue Heron Bridge as I approach it from the west. The need to run immediately following a long race is definitely part of my training. I’d rather allow the legs a day of rest followed by more light usage than remain stiff and creaky afterwards for more days. It doesn’t jive with many training plans, most would advocate rest, but I’m experienced enough to know what works well for me. Last night I did the Compex on my lower Achilles area, which was the stiffest portion of my legs. I say to others that I arrive especially early on runs after big events so that my friends won’t be around to hear or see me cry! Not true but it makes for some laughs. This run today felt good, my pace with Adrienne was very under control. It’s very important for me to continue running on days soon after big races. Mentally and physically!

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