Two grand?

4 mi. Post PB Marathon, all talk was of the race, the photos, the World of Beer afterparty, and how everyone is welcoming a break in the action for the holidays. Paul was there early, walking the track before any of us arrived. John, Perry, Dave G., Mike, Erica, Lanae, Adrienne, Randy and Robert were ready. Paul began with a familiar set, one that Erica was confident she could guess it’s finish. Surprise, no one saw the 2000m 5 lap dash in the middle! For the ten + years I’ve been running the track workout, never have we been assigned an interval like that. It was good! I ran it mostly with Dave G., finishing a mile in 6:29, speeding up in my last lap to run in with Erica at a faster pace than that. The rest of the workout was in still and humid conditions. I didn’t run the cooldown, back to the new home and a ride for John to school. With that 2000m interval, I think the wraps are off for some more odd length runs. No one minded, I think some preferred it would happen on a different week when everyone hadn’t just raced a long one!

1 mile warmup jog.

800m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
200m w/200m recovery
2000m  w/200m recovery
200m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
800m w/200m recovery

The marathon was run well this year, folks liked the course, it has finally come to where it belongs!

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