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16 mi I tried to time my arrival at 5:15 with with everything else that was going on, but no luck. My prescribed pace from Sharon’s emailed workout was to break a 16 mi run into four 4 mile intervals, each at a decreasing pace. First one was a 7:50-8:00 mile average pace. I convinced the teeny free visor clip light to work by licking the batteries and bending he connector clips. This is important where A1A meets US-1. It’s dark and the sidewalk is lumpy due to old trees roots that have grown up under the paving. I ran 2 miles out and returned to the store. The pace (7:57) had me back to the store earlier than all the rest of the timed 10 miler start… So I left alone towards the pier. I now had to hover around 7:20 pace. Glances in the dark had me in the 7-teens and then again the 7:20s. This 4 mile interval lasted until near Indiantown Road. I hopped into the shrubs for a bathroom break, jogged to Circle K to grab a drink, then ran towards the Inlet for interval 3 at 7:10 pace average. I needed more miles than just running back to the store would give me so I turned right on A1A and ran up and back to the Jetty’s parking lot. Once up there I got my last drink and began the final 3 minute interval at below 7 min pace. This was the hardest, my upper legs felt some strain, I had to breathe in control and be careful not to go too fast on the watch. When I got to Donald Ross Rd, George and Anita scored me as finishing the 10 miler in 1:25 – I’m sure plenty of people will see the results and wonder what happened to him? I did light stretching, spoke with the Aasics rep who was demoing shoes at the store and went for coffee with Lanae and Erin. I liked the workout with a purpose, even though it seaparated me from the group.

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