Guest celeb!

7.5 miles Today I had Jessica join in on the ritual of my weekly bridge run. We were second in the lot, only Paul’s jeep was parked along the embankment of the bridge when we pulled in. We started the warmup mile and met Paul near the rest rooms, where we stopped, introduced each other and got water. Jessica’s idea of running the bridge was to go over the first hill and down, run around the neighborhood, then hill repeat again. She wasn’t thinking she’d bring water to the street turnaround, she said, “I’ll run hot while you get the water.” We did three hill laps, with only Adrienne and Randi showing up early. Lanae came but had no charge in her phone. I saw her car lights on, thinking maybe she was going to leave. Not so – she was looking to charge the Endomondo app so she could do the workout, she did not want to run without it. At three laps I said I’d be getting water, Jessica also chose to drink, the “load, unload” nature of this hill run made her thirstier than I think she’d imagined. Our 4,5 and 6 laps were at a great pace, by then Matt and Gary were also going up and down. The was a very nice ocean breeze of relief when we ran east – that made the hill up and over going west a sweaty lap, face, neck and arms. We kept a pace such that our breathing was definitely engaged like it would be at a track workout. I hadn’t run the bridge with this much oomph in awhile, it was good to “air it out” and keep good turnover coming down the grade, not letting up. Jessica got a good workout on what looks like an innocent hill. She said that in Melbourne they run on causeway bridges. My imagination has me picturing taller structures with less of an incline, a different type of hill training episode. Good morning run!

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