Bite the breeze


50 mi/2 mi run – Leaving the TRS store at 5am, Erica and I saw a few people gathering to run early today. I haven’t done one of those in awhile, I guess I’ll have to pickup LSD runs in JUne. Right now the empahsis is on time in the saddle. I wore the Garneau Vortice Helmet for the first time. It’s tough to get on quickly around the ears. Maybe I ahve to use duct tape on the cranium straps, where they mount into the helmet. My use of the turning screw head adjustment knob causes the strap to unseat from the helmet. Then it looses all ability to tighten  around my head. I made a few stickers for it last night before leaving work… let’s see how they look on my head.

We rode with just Erica’s front light, mine worked til barely out of the parking lot, then shut off. I guess like the Garmin watch, it’s a good practice to recharge it before each ride. We rode for 50 minutes in the dark, then were surprised when we found ourselves at the end of Gomez Road when it was light out. The wind came from the East/Northeast, very brisk and distracting. I had seen an email from Motivation Man that said winds fromt he East were expected for the race. That means a fast dash out to the truns on Southern Blvd, then a fight to stay aero and get hone quick. This could be like MiamiMan! So we practice for it. We rode plenty of our miles side-by-side. This is great because each rider yields the great benefit of being able to “bite the breeze” and get that conditioning in vs. paceline following. I felt good, having neglected to swap to race wheels so it’s training spoked wheels for this ride. We stopped only for a short break at Sandsprit Park, then began riding back. Coming home, a bit of a headwind as we left Port Salerno and headed towards the RR tracks. On Dixie Hwy we stayed in the 20 mph area and rode next to each other. Good riding and visualization for me, thinking what the race will be like and getting that feeling settled in my mind. We came home the usual route, some talking, some pressing into the swirling breezes at Coral Cove Park. Once back on the familiar A1A stretch, we saw the last peices of the Saturday timed store run. We quickly stashed our bikes and ran most of the way to the pier and back – an estimated 2 miles. Erica had to drive across the state to be with family, I was making onlets for John and I, and tonight a group is meeting at Rocco’s Taco’s for my birthday. I’ll ease off the celebratory drinking tonight, I want to push anothe 50 mi ride and brick out tomorrow! This went well. It’s training for this race which is then training for the IM in Switzerland.

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