Keep the formula intact.


50mi ride/3 mi run – So ring the bell again, second day in a row I’m brick riding and running. It’s breezy again otday, with no letup in sight all the way to and past next week’s race. I start at 6am, well we meet at 6 and start riding at 6:20am. I’m with Erin, both Suzannes, Lisa Reiss, and Izzy. We rode in paceline to warmup to the lighthouse, then strict paceline up the island. At the big 90 degree curve that brings you to the beach, we were slowed by a fireman in the middle of the road placing traffic cones. Around the corner, we saw a fire truck and an ambulance, and two riders at the side of the road. One was a guy, the other, riding a pink Trek, looked to be Alicia Schultz’s bike. Not knowing her beyond a few casual meetings, I didn’t stop to see her. The professionals had the important tasks under control. We rode again, stopping at Bridge Rd for bathroom breaks. Jerry K., Teresa and Jen Davis came up and saw us, that added to the delay. Once rolling again, we kept good pace over 21 mph through Gomez Road and most of Dixie Highway. Erin and I werre the only riders stoppinga dn turning around at Sandsprit Park. We did this and headed back into the wind… Port Salerno was uncrowded (But was full of boaters and fishermen yesterday!) so the wind heading back was the biggest concern. Erin mentioned she wanted to drift back if she ran out of energy, but I kept encouraging her to ride next to me and talk or tuck in behind me and draft. Thinking back, if she was tired of me and wanted to be alone for the ride home I wasn’t too helpful in that regard! Wedid well on Gomez Rd, and then had most of Jupiter Island to ourselves with hardly any cars passing by. We rode the west route, since the new stop sign addition means your one big blast of energy that used to be from the drawbridge to Bridge Rd is now interrupted at Estrada Rd on the East of A1A. The ride from the lighthouse to Loggerhead Park was easy, wind from the “fair” east and sun the whole way.

I changed quickly to run mode and went at a good pace around the duck pond. John and Robert rode by as I ran, suggesting that i “pick it up” some heading south. I know I can’t go that pace for 13 miles, but it was good blast therapy to hop off the bike and hit sprint tri 5k pace.

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