Tempo #3 in the cycle

This one had a 2 minute reprieve in time at goal pace. I ran early on a Monday morning, before attending the stretch out of yin yoga.

I did two miles of warmup before beginning the 28 minutes at goal pace. (6:43) When i started, the first tempo mile was 6:52 – disappointing, now I would have to speed up to get everything back on pace. Mile 2 was 6:40, followed by 6:39 and 6:36. So it worked, including the tingly feeling in my forearms and a desire to stop at mile 2.5 to possibly catch my breath. Thankfully I didn’t do that!

I am not a high-sweat runner, I would be on the lower side of that scale. I know it’s very warm and humid out when a run of less than an hour has both of my socks saturated, shoes and inserts included!

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 7.43.10 PM

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