It’s colder in the pool

2000 yards. The weather was 77 degrees and I never got a read on water temp, but maybe the recent rains of last week lowered them to be cooler. I arrived after 12:45 so no crowds, not even of people who had already been swimming and were showering or getting dressed to leave.

I did 500m freestyle, 200m breaststroke, 200m freestyle, 200m breaststroke, 400m freestyle, 500m freestyle.  The different arm movements felt good, especially going from slow breaststroke to the freestyle.  The ace next to me was kicking on his back and beating my freestyle, point of reference.  The injured calf felt unaffected by the workout, I don’t kick strong so little was felt at all.

Later that evening I went to John’s baseball game. I tried to jog from my seat to the far concession stand. By jog I meant as slow as possible. This didn’t work for me at all, only 50 yards and my left calf was very tight. I didn’t re-injure anything in this small test, but it’s clear that I cannot run as usual for another week at least!

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