41 miles. I can ride at almost full wick and not have it affect my lower leg. Good in one sense, but makes me think, should my lower leg be contributing anything to the cycling effort, or does it normally and that action has no effect on my calf muscles?

I rode with Charlotte & Stanton from Abacoa to Bridge Rd and back. With a breeze on the way there, against the WIND all the way home. I know the wind is more pronounced later in the day (usually) and the one and a half hour swing between getting to the turnaround and coming home was noticeably windier.  I felt better in the aero position, my lungs were fine and my legs felt good working hard. I wanted to stay in the 90-95 cadence range, which I have been told is advantageous and the best use of my energy.  I was able to do this mostly coming back, I split off from Charlotte & Stanton at about 25 miles, once we started heading home into the wind. When the wind gusted or I had to climb a bridge, I shifted down and saw my revs remain the same and avg speed drop a small bit. When I had to slow or stop in traffic or at signs, I hung my calves to stretch them.  Happily no pain after the ride and I am planning to up my cycling each week in the mornings until I can run safely again. This will be good – I can also do a day of leg weight training in the gym at work. I’ll stay away from lower leg weights for now, but blast the upper legs and hamstrings all I can!

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