Riding during the week? Luxury!

20mi. I have a looping route (that returns me back home, not spins me upside down) of exactly 20 miles that I chance during the week.  Being that I’m responsible for taking my son to school in the am, there is no room for error. I can’t flat or crash, if I do, I need a ride or quick fix.  But who lets that keep them from going?

I haven’t done the morning time trial course as I call it in a while. Now injured from run practice, I am cleared to ride and strengthen my legs, this will do handily!  I wear two rear lights, I have a forward facing white light, and my home-baked “cheek mod” light that allows me to see the dashboard. If I ride in the dark, the cheek mod light does a great job of illuminating the CatEye display, speed, distance, etc.  When I ride in the light, I try to keep cadence as my gauge, staying efficient as I hopefully grow stronger.  I can’t take my eyes off the road long enough to see that little number when it’s dark, so I just go with how I feel.  Today was very dark on the top of Singer Island, lights or not, if there was a dead animal on the roadside, I’d never have been able to see it.  I had a tailwind from the west helping me, but snapping in my face coming up PGA and back home on Northlake. My avg speed was 20.3, good for the dark conditions I’d say. I felt good, and I didn’t have any problems going up and over the Blue Heron Bridge.  Good to be back out doing something in the morning!

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