Swim in the relish

1600 yds. I did the workout below, in the crowded Lake Lytal pool due to summer camp attendance. I swam next to Dave Ragsdale, unknowingly until we were asked to leave the pool because a kid had apparently vomited in the pool on the other side. Usually they clear the pool for lightning, but I saw no evidence of that when I heard all the whistles blowing. Dave and I had to be tapped by a lifeguard to get our attention. He was angry, almost blaming the management for his interrupted workout. He touted the new Wellington pool as a really nice place to swim – that’s great but I’m never out there…

Warmup Set (200y)
2 x 100 easy-mod @ 2:20

Main Set (1400y)
14 x [4 x 25 @ 0:45, descend pace over each set of 4]

Warmdown Set (400y)
250 easy-mod @ 5:20
150 drill

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