Cool waters mean more effort, I guess?

2000 yards.  This workout was well done, I felt good using my whole arm stroking through the water instead of taking brief smaller strokes through the water. Warmup Set (200y) 2 x [25 easy @ 0:10 rest, 50 build @ 0:10 rest, 25 moderate-hard @ 0:10 rest] Main Set (1500y) 7 x [4 x 50 … Continue reading Cool waters mean more effort, I guess?

Bridge under full moon

7.5 mi. I ran my first three laps in 85 deg heat solo, and spent the final three with Lily F., talking about all the consecutive races she is doing + MiamiMan things.  It was good to keep her pace, even though I'm probably not too far off the original level I was running pre … Continue reading Bridge under full moon