Lake Worth Triathlon 2010

Here's the gap for a 2 sec win over the guy behind me in the same blk/red/white shorts

400m/11mi/3.1mi The fourth time I’ve entered this race proves to be my best ever! I came with Austin and his parents to help him do his first race. We arrived nice and early, picked out two good transition spots, and had plenty of time to walk through and know what to do when the lights came on. Bringing a clip on headlamp was excellent, my gear worked well, and clipping the shoes on the bike was easy to adjust to. This was my first sprint tri on the S-Works bike.

I swam well, results show 10th out of 19 but I felt in control of my breathing and no incidents with other swimmers.  I tried to use the current both ways to aid in my straight line swimming. T1 was good and the bike was very good.  My computer said 12.9 mi. and  by my time that was a 22.9 average. This was 5th in my age class out of 19

I didn’t use the gel I brought for T2, I liked the eco drink powder I bought – and no Clif Bars or food like a weekday workout. The swim was in choppy waters heading out to the bouys, but I chose to go inside the line of sight and have the current help me stay straight. It must have worked, I had no probs with other swimmers at all. I was really alone in my own space the whole swim, and I kept a good steady pace and breathing rhythm.

T1 was ok, I’d say average time in and out. The bike was a quick start and I never dropped off. I saw plenty of 23,24, 25 on Lap #1, some 23,24 on the second lap. I only drank during the four turnbacks. I don’t remember anyone passing me on the ride. I concentrated on even breathing, flat heels, using my right leg as much as the left, and staying tucked in an aero position as much as I could.  I did well over the bridge coming back and had good speed even in the casino area prior to T2.  The second transition saw me almost run out minus shoes! I grabbed for a water right in the beginning of the run but the volunteer pulled it away from me? Strange. I didn’t feel like I was doing a great 5k pace, and I had little opportunity to pass anyone in my age group. I assumed a pack must have broken away from me too far to catch. I saw two guys after the bridge leading back to the casino, passed one near the parking lot and the second guy I saw at the 180 degree turn. I wondered if shadowing him would work and blasting hard around the finish line or just passing him with authority on the hill curve and seeing if he could match me.  I chose that. Closing on the finish line I saw Charlotte who told me I was being chased. The she said I wasn’t being chased, he had fallen back. Mt final time splits were as below…

    overall                                                         time          swim     t1          bike      t2         run
1    27   226 Dave Masterson           46 Palm Beach Gardens   FL 1:06:04   10    9:52    1:30    5   33:58    0:56    2   19:50

The preliminary results showed me winning my age class – that was a surprise! I saw the two guys behind me at 2 secs and 4 secs behind. They were each later assessed 2:00 drafting penalties. It was a great day to come back on the sprint scene, Charlotte, Lilia, Carolyn and Scott also did well in AG.

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