8 miler in San Antonio

8mi. I took advantage of the hour of time difference to sleep until after 7am. I was sharing a room with Donovan, a new LifeVantage distributor from most times South America, originally New York, he’s lived plenty of places! I left the hotel anticipating a snap of cold with the 36 degree posted temps. It really wasnt that cold, a lack of wind helped that! I wore a long sleeved Lululemon shirt and my red lulu jacket, lulu running hat (touk) and lightweight gloves. I was too warm and I had a good covering of sweat on the shirt when I returned – a lesson for tomorrow’s run on a similar route.

I left the hotel and took Houston Street to the Alamo Square, I stopped and took the first of maybe a dozen pictures on my run. School kids were arriving early by bus and lining up for the tour. I ran down the mostly empty main road towards the little authentic Mexican restaurant that serves as my reminder to follow the “Mission Trail.” This is the run I did several days in 2006 when I planned and managed the World Expo from the Marriott RiverCenter hotel. My room was significantly nicer on that trip I can say! I ran the surface streets until I got to the Lone Star Brewery, where the street yields to the paved path along the river. I ran this path, stopping to take any notable pics, until I left the Riverwalk path and found the Mission Concepcion. I took a few pictures there, and I found a lady waiting outside and asked her to snap one of me that is good scenery shot! Once back up on the roads again, I ran back to the downtown area and up busier streets back to the Holiday Inn Express. I was glad I got to do a few miles while away, remembering some of the route and now having some pictures for Facebook to share with friends.


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