San Antonio again!

IMG_0963Maybe 5-6 miles spent rambling around Riverwalk outside of the main restaurant and tourist area was enough of a jaunt for today. We had the trade show yesterday, again today, but getting out in 37 degree weather like yesterday was a must! And this time Jessica could join in, we each did solo runs yesterday.

We went through town, past the Alamo and the Convention Center. We headed to my familiar route – the Mission Trail area. We ran half of what I did yesterday, then chose to try a street parallel to the one we left town on. This wasn’t a glamorous route, we came into a poor area, small homes and beat up cars. Once we came to town, we asked an older LifeVantage couple to snap a picture of us in from the of the metal arch with the sky tower in the background. I never felt cold, running with long legs on and a hat was neat. Jessica used my gloves having forgotten her set. I though my hands would become cold but no so, warm like I was a kid again! Running works wonders!

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