Breast stroke winner

20130117-114359.jpg2000 yards. Nothing out of the ordinary here, although I am noticing that when I first get in the water, I am acutely in tune with form vs. the end of the workout when my arms aren’t in front of me as long. Today my benchmark lady swimmer was in her first lane, I chose to swim in the furthest away lane. Only one other guy showed up and swam between us (LA Fitness has 4 lanes that can fit 5 lanes worth of people) while I was there. He did breaststroke, and he did it well! I was faster than him via freestyle, butthat should always be the case. He definitely marked me and tried to catch me – his turns were fast and his laps heading one way were faster than the other. Maybe his lane had one of those jets that makes current, allowing him to go fats one way and slow the other. During my swim I thought about some Switzerland things, trying to visualize a course I’ve never seen in person. At least the mental perp is going well. Yes, Dave, you’ve got mental!

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