Climbing up again.

It's not this light out when I start OR finish!

8mi. I went back to the bridge workout today – either not many people plan on hill training for the Boston Marathon this year or they’ve found another hill somewhere in Florida, but there aren’t a lot of people doing this run lately. I started alone, it was 63 degrees, I swear it’s colder in my house! I thought I heard it may be in the 40s this morning, so I had long sleeves, long legs, gloves and a hat waiting by the door. I ran in shorts and  a t-shirt, but I could have ditched the t-shirt, too.  The breeze was good heading west, it was good weather for this workout.

I ran alone for my first 4 miles of the hills, I was joined at lap 5 and 6 by John Reback, always good to chat with him. He’s doing the local 10k this Saturday, I told him about the race I’m in for Sunday and how it may snow and be in the 30s for the 10 o’clock start in Paris.  I felt ok running up the hill, better going down.  Also showing up to run were Adrienne & Angie, Gary and Atilla, Randi Garvey and Lisa Reese.  I was done early, I did a slow 1 mile cooldown and head for home.  I don’t think I’ll miss a bridge workout before the Boston race, maybe next week I can go faster and see how that feels!

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