The saddle is lonely

40 mi.  Yes, the saddle gets lonely when I haven’t used it in awhile! This 40 mile out and back was spent wondering where my small amount of cycling competency from last season went. It was windy and overcast with a threat of rain the whole time, but I wasn’t able to keep a good pace at all.  At first I thought about riding with four guys that started somewhere in Abacoa.  That wouldn’t have worked, they were going too fast. Then I stayed on the tail of two girls right at the beginning of Jupiter Island.  They had a 23+ mph pace going, which I should have been able to do, but no, I fell off the back of that in less than a mile and a half. Humbling! I rode with Charlotte, who had a similar experience with “where’d my cycling legs go?”

We rode to Bridge Rd and back, never got the rain, but spent time chatting and maintaining a low average speed. I’ll say it was good to get out again, but I know I have to push it considerably harder to get any benefit from riding like I do, especially if it’s only one day a week. I rode with a new long sleeved jersey I got at the ISA show from a supplier.  I can’t tell what it says or where it was from, looks like a French event in 2008.  I’ll take it! My wrists and hands got tingly and numb so much quicker than usual, it seemed today that the only way I was near comfortable was to be down in the aero drop bars, which I didn’t do nearly enough. Lesson absorbed…

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