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Don’t try to out guess Paul.

5 mi. After a 1 mi warmup that really showed me how warm it was, I commented to Charlotte how last week’s track session was full of 200s and 3oos, good for my first one back in awhile. That was all I needed to say – this workout was mostly long stuff that taxed my breathing.  My legs felt good at over 75% effort, but breathing was way off.  I hadn’t missed any days to train with a calf injury, but I felt as if I hadn’t run in early morning humidity in ages…

1 mi warmup

2 x 200m, 100m recovery in between, 200m recovery.
1000m, 200m recovery
1200m, 200m recovery
400m, 200m recovery
800m, 200m recovery
1000m, 200m recovery

1 mi cool down


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