Foggy inside?

20 mi.  This instance of the Singer Island Loop was graced with a mild SE breeze, and the odd appearance of fog in the headlights of my car. I start shortly after 5am, it didn’t look foggy out, but I was surrounded by thick and moist mini clouds I guess. Wearing orange lenses, I should have had great visibility. Early in the ride, my glasses appeared foggy. I stopped at a light briefly on Northlake and saw that it was fog and condensation of the inside of the glasses that was blocking my clear view. What crap, I can’t wipe them while riding, and my passage thru the dark A1-A corridor of Singer Island was like a blindfold ride.  When I came out by the church and the lights, visibility was very poor and I was concerned about hitting the workers that make their way onto the island in the dark on their bikes. It’s not like you see them coming normally, with limited sight distance – not a chance. I finished up with a 20.7mph. avg speed.

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