It could happen in a race.

8 mi. Start temp was 86, with a generous breeze as usual from the SE. Scott and I ran the first lap together, Chiara and Carolyn started behind us. He wanted to do 4 laps total, with the middle two being fast. I didn’t try too hard to keep his pace climbing lap #2, it wasn’t too difficult for Scott to be a full quarter mile ahead of me  by the end of lap #3. He ran his fourth trip up slower, I kept a steady pace, faster than I would have if he didn’t pick things up for #2.  Laps 3,4,5 were interrupted with hard rain and increased wind, it was a very challenging thing to see where I was running. A visor would have helped, perhaps lack of one is what sent Chiara home! I was all soaked for the middle trips up and over the bridge, I had to stop at the far side and tie my left shoe 3 different times. It was so wet and heavy, it almost untied itself.  Low attendance for the rainy run, I saw several cars park, pause, and leave. Kyle Smith, Eileen, Val, Atilla, John R. and Robert D. also stayed thru the rain. I was glad I did, even with running a very slow cooldown mile, it felt good to pickup my laggy pace for a change.

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