Speedier coming home

50 mi.  The trip to Sandsprit Park was Scott, Chiara, Walter, Carolyn and I. Going to the lighthouse, we only went 17 mph. Once on the island, 20-22 to Bridge road. My seat felt as if it needed adjustment so I don’t get uncomfortable or numb. Too late of rthis ride. I noticed the wind was coming from the NW, meaning finally the way home wouldn’t be the bear it can be against the wind, especially in the exosed areas. I forgot my water bottles, so I borrowed an old Expo one from Walter and used water from the Loggerhead fountain. I had two Clif Bars at Sandsprit park. On the way back, I pulled for suffering distances. Along the RR tracks south of Port Salerno I went 24-25 the whole length of the exposed area.  That was tough but felt good to go a nice speed that far. I tried some of that again while pulling on Jupiter Island   – from the 410 houses to past Blowing Rocks Preserve. By then only Scott was tailing me, And when it wa his turn to pull, the road was almost al eaten up to the Intracoastal Bridge as was our energy!  I pulled again from Circle K to Loggerhead park. I got my money’s worth out of this day of training.  Walter and I topped it off with a 2 mi run.

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