Where’d it all go?

2000 yds. Sometimes when I swim it is as if I am starting over. I don’t feel I have any mastery of basic freestyle, and I seem slow to kick and pull. That was today. Nothing out of the ordinary, here’s the workout, many 25s for the main set. I started following the interval times, but after a few, I just waited like 5-10 seconds then began again.

Warmup Set (200y)
200 easy-mod @ 4:20

Main Set (1500y)
2 x [50 @ 1:10, 100 @ 2:15, 150 @ 3:20, 200 @ 4:25, 250 @ 5:40]

Warmdown Set (300y)
100 kick easy @ 0:10 rest, 100 kick moderate @ 0:10 rest, 50 kick easy
@ 0:30 rest
50 choice

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