Stealthman 2

mini tri.  It was raining at home, dry at the TRS store as I drove by, and pouring on A1A. I found doused Charlotte first, she was turning around and heading back to her car and home.  Then Walter, who pressed on to finish 16 in the now cool air.  The training tri was supposed to be a mock Loggerhead race, good because many of the people were new and this was their first ever three in one day workout.  I rode the mountain bike so I wouldn’t be tempted to race fast and try too hard.  It was just training.  I swam sloppily, never tracking straight, I found myself off course and heading NE away from the buoy too many times in just a 3/8mi straightaway.  Once on the bike, I was wet from the swim, the road and the rain that kept falling.  Austin passed me in the first 3 miles and gained a good lead riding back n forth with Scott Hansel.  I found him later at T2 in his car getting ready.  I used socks for this wet day, my transition wasn’t quick at all.  I found Austin on the run course near Indiantown Road. The I found Scott near the entrance to the park.  I passed a quick girl almost at the turnaround, she later pressed her pace up to catch me in the final 1/2 mile.  I felt her presence and picked up my pace down the final driveway stretch so as not to be caught.  I felt good about the run, but the real Loggerhead has to be faster than that!

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