8mi. During the 1 mi warmup I was questioning my breathing. Each lap of 6 on the bridge was tough, I felt very lazy and slow. I noticed a difference between good leg and injured side, but no ill effects on the hill. It was humid and dark – the east side of the bridge had no lighting today.  It was 4 laps before anyone else showed up – Lisa Riess, Adrienne, Lily, Kyle, Gary, Eileen, Atilla and John.  I wondered why I get up so early still to do this workout in the summer?  Running west offered no breeze, running east was a nice 10 mph breeze, good thing I wasn’t cycling today. My cool down was slow, I couldn’t stop thinking about how rare it was that I was wishing the whole run would be over, I guess I was very tired.  The final cap on this Tuesday was the showers – I wanted to rinse off and be wet but not a smelly sweaty wet.  Towel in hand, I found the one shower by the beach was out of order…

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