“Will he, won’t he?”

5 mi. Immediately following the Loggerhead tri race, some guessed that today could be a mile for time episode. It was still and humid, and probably 20+ attendees this morning. We started slow, mixed in several 500m intervals with differing concentrations of speed, then Paul gave us the timed mile to complete. Maybe it was the full lap recovery before the 1600 that gave it away! Once we assembled after that, he said, “Well, you know where we’re going, will he, won’t he…” He did.

1 mi warmup

200m, 200m recovery
800m, 200m recovery
300m, 200m recovery
500m, 200m recovery
500m, 200m recovery
500m, 200m recovery
500m, 400m recovery
mile for time – 200m recovery

1 mile cool down

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