Hot and tired

16mi.  I ran the first 6 mi in the dark with Ian, girlfriend Nicole, Suzanne, Eileen and two others. Two stops at FPL for water and we were back at the store. I found Walter and we ran comfortably at a relaxed pace to the inlet and back. The sun rises later each week it seems, which is ok, we spend more time in the shade that way. At Circle K water stop we had a brief encounter with Mimi Crosby, who approached the water stop we were at, saw us both, and turned away to keep running alone. Odd but who knows if I’m the bad guy or she doesn’t know what to say after 18 mos of no communication? The run back was slower paced, into the sun. Upon return to the store, I wen to the park and swam one set of buoys. The water was perfectly clear and flat for swimming.  I did ok, How legendary one swims with the current!

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