1st Half Marathon Training tempo run

Following the Hanson's Method for half marathon, today was my first tempo run in training for Lighthouse Loop half marathon on October 26. I've drove to Alton and began running at 4:30 AM, thankfully having Daniel meet me for the warm-up. He was doing a 9 mile tempo run in training for his race in … Continue reading 1st Half Marathon Training tempo run


Twelve Quarters

5 mi Today, 7/11 and it's time for track. I came early enough to run a warmup on Alton Rd plus visit a porta potty in the neighborhood-to-be near the rec center. Lisa Cox joined this run, her first ever track session. Since we don't have many people doing our late start for summer hours, … Continue reading Twelve Quarters

Boston Marathon 2019

Blog reading made easy - for those not interested in the detailed blow-for-blow on the day's race, here's how I tally the events that led to a 9-minute PR on the Boston course. This was my best of 47 prior marathons. Here's why: I followed a well-structured plan for four months (Hanson's Marathon Method)I kept … Continue reading Boston Marathon 2019

2019 A1A Marathon

After last year's stomach problems, I was due to solve the issues and have a good race this time. Running on the Presenting Sponsor's team, Colavita, meant we had a nice dinner Friday night and packet pickup was done for me beforehand. Since the past three times I drove in bad traffic to get to … Continue reading 2019 A1A Marathon