Something’s happening…

2000 yards. Some of the Brenton Ford tactics are working well! I control breathing now to keep air until right before I come up for a new mouthful. I use the inward pointed arms to have correct elbow positioning. And I pause to keep my gliding hand out front for a little longer. Walter came again and swam with some running. I feel good sharpening the skills now twice a week.

Warmup Set (400y)

200 build by 50s @ 4:45, 2 x 50 @ 1:10
100 choice

Main Set (1200y)
4 x [100 moderate @ 2:10, 100 moderate-hard @ 2:10, 100 hard @ 2:25]

Warmdown Set (400y)
4 x 100 easy-mod @ 2:20

Big snowstorm in the rest of the country, doesn't affect my swimming!

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