Franci’s twist

5mi. Franci subbed in for Paul today and had a workout with a twist - have a look at how that went... 1 mi warmup jog 100m w/100m recovery 200m w/100m recovery 300m w/100m recovery 400m w/100m recovery 500m w/100m recovery 600m w/200m recovery (2:12) 600m w/200m recovery (2:11) 600m w/200m recovery (2:07) 500m w/200m recovery 400m w/200m … Continue reading Franci’s twist

Twelve quarters

Paul was away in Las Vegas this week, he did leave a workout for us. 12 - 400m runs separated by 100m recovery jogs. I ran mine behind Steve Monks, who on interval #9 was baited into catching Jen Rapaport who left early for that reason. 1mi warmup jog 400m w/100m recovery (1:29) 400m w/100m … Continue reading Twelve quarters