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Hot Gas

It wasn’t too many years ago that a 3-day weekend meant MORE time for runs, rides or an extreme showing of fitness.

I don’t think I’ve had that feeling in several years, however. I went with John to the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa on Saturday and Sunday. That was fun, but no workouts. There were no clouds in the sky any of the three days of the weekend, we were sun baked. I didn’t overdue eating or drinking, but Monday had my stomach and energy level way off the norm.

I came to the bridge glad this was not a week to run fast with sprints. This morning had high 70s temps, humidity, and barely any wind. I was noticeably slow on all 6 of the mile repeats. I ran with Jen, Maureen, Missy and their friend Juan. He is going for his first half marathon at A1A in February. I kept burping warm air while running, making my throat and chest feel “warm.” It’s a lousy feeling, coupled with trying to run up and down the hill. I’ll eat less than usual today and look to drink considerably more water this whole week. I don’t want to feel bloated and slow like that again.



Point of reference

5mi. All the social posts from good and great runners that have track intervals in their weekly schedule include times. I haven’t done much to stay on top of how much time each interval takes, showing up and chasing the group is good for me. Or was.

Now with an awareness of what’s fast, I see that these folks are training primarily for track events. I watch some post that their 300m are done in 45 secs, mine weigh in at 1:02 today, and we did two, so I know it’s accurate. My six tries at 500m were between 1:43-1:45. I kept those descending as the 500s popped up in the set. Some only had 100m recovery, I do prefer the full 200m to catch up on the breathing. I ran behind Steve until he left, chased Janet on the first one and had her right with me until she had to leave.

1 mi warmup jog

600m w/200m recovery
500m w/100m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
500m w/100m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
500m w/100m recovery
500m w/200m recovery

1mi cool down jog

A lone thunderstorm was working its way across the state with a planned arrival at 6am. It never got far enough north to affect us, it rained at my house instead.

Eat Big, Run Slow

Of course my birthday this year fell on a Monday. And I went to a restaurant and ate a nice meal and sat there for 35 minutes waiting for the check. This is not going to help the Tuesday bridge workout. And… it’s a day for hill sprints!

There were a bunch of people on the bridge this morning, I was the first one to arrive and get out of my car. Janet was already there, her husband was off so she could stay for a proper warmup and cooldown. Walter and Kathy came, only after they were stopped on Blue Heron Blvd and given a warning for speeding. Maureen and Mary arrived at the same time, we did the warm up together.

Three regular laps were ok, I felt heavy. I didn’t stay up late, but eating late will have an effect on how this run goes. I did the six hill sprints in 1:23, 1:25, 1:25, 1:27, 1:25, 1:24.

We enjoyed a great sunrise I wouldn’t have skipped this workout, even though I can feel it as Tuesday gets closer each week. It’s work!

Think about that!

5mi. Of all the social media posts you see from runners, often there are photos of workouts and track sessions. Of course there are, there should be! It’s an essential part of any serious runner’s regimen, speed and intervals. Form and function.

Most folks don’t have an opportunity to attend a coached track session. Or they don’t have a track that open to them, schools being more security minded. I am fortunate. I see it very clearly. I have a great place to train and wonderful coaching with Paul providing weekly workouts, mixed with his own brand of humor. I very much appreciate this chance to run with a group, chase faster guys and keep improving. I don’t take it lightly, it’s special to me.

1 mi warmup

100m w/100m recovery
100m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
1600m w/200m recovery (6:00 est)
600m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
100m w/100m recovery

1 mi cool down jog

Spongey track again

5mi. After parking at the Alton street location, Paul rounded the corner in his now-repaired Jeep. He said, “C’mon, we are running on the track today, the gates are open.”

It was a noticeable difference, the track is softer and springs back with each step. I couldn’t see the small repair marks until it was light out – they looked great and didn’t have any lumps or depressions. The repairs to all of the facilities are going well. They need to get the Reback Track & Field sign back up!

Paul was happy to abandon the preset workout and pull us through these intervals…

1mi warmup jog

300m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
700m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
400m w/100m recovery

1 mile cooldown

I walked a lap with Paul and Perry, then went to the car. The trees from the parking lot were all uprooted, so it looks different. When I walked back to my car, I saw this… rabbit


So I know my workout was legit.



Moon sprinting

moon8 mi. This is cool weather for May, it’s 66 degrees! I arrive and Walter, Janet, Maureen and Missy are already there. They all want to warm up for a mile before the hill running. Still high in the sky, we get to run under a near-full moon this morning. As it dips into the western horizon, it gets larger and turns a darker tan then almost brown.

I run the first three hill miles with Janet, Maureen, and Missy. We are at a good pace, enjoying the slight breeze from the west. Mary Monks joins us, and once we finish the hills we start the first of 6 sprints. It’s tough and I try to keep the same cadence going all the way to the top. It’s almost a 1/4 mile up, and takes between 1:22-1:28 to get there. Mary and Maureen do all 6 of the intervals with me, that’s great. They are seeing the difficulty level and benefits of what this would mean if done every other week.


This workout will never get any easier, it will only get faster.


Solo riding

30 mi. I am in a habit now of going for the loop to the Jupiter Lighthouse and back on a Sunday morning. It’s calm with any wind coming from the northeast. I don’t run alone much, this is the “time in my head” reflective hour plus I get to myself. I am not going too fast, my ride average figuring in traffic light stops is 18.7 mph. I enjoy the route!

I met Paul and Sue French at the US-1 bridge when the gates went down. I stopped and chatted with them and rode to the Inlet for a snack. It’s an oatmeal large gel-like thing, a sample I’ve received from a race. I make no special effort to go faster on the way home, it’s the beach road to US-1 and then to Northlake and home. Riding west on Northlake is now an against a breeze experience. I finish up for the reward of a big veggie stuffed omelet.

I enjoy the riding solo when I can sift through ideas and sort things out.


Sunfest TGI5k 2017

Sunfest 5k time! It’s warm and sunny at 5:30 pm. But that’s not the whole story. We are delayed due to a train stuck blocking Okeechobee Blvd. Apparently, runners stuck on the other side called-in to friends on this side, which got to race management in time to stall the start.

I warm up by running down the first straightaway to the traffic circle, then to Flagler and south to First Baptist Church, now called Family Church. Maureen does the same warm up, looking to avoid pre-race anxiety as she experienced at the Garden of Life race. We do 3 descending sprints up the side of the church alleyway, that shows I’m running well with no issues to attend to.

The race begins after a 15-minute delay. I see Stacy Willette and Jamie Rogers at the start line, also John Reback is here. We start and I’m out of the crowd quickly, not too fast but making 5:35 pace for the first 400m to get clear. I settle into a 6:05-6:10 pace. Hamed and others are already ahead, they’ll get a great time or blow up in the heat. The first long straightaway is more than a mile long. I get to the first mile in 6:10. The second mile turns through the Sunset Park neighborhood and out onto Flagler Drive heading north. With wind supposedly coming from the Southwest, I should be enjoying the tailwind. It doesn’t feel like anything at all. I am in a good rhythm of breathing and exerting. I see the three lululemon girls cheering and go by Mile #2. My watch says I’m at 6:25 pace, I don’t want to slow down that much, I won’t finish under 20 minutes with that pace. I concentrate on the two guys ahead of me. They are lining up for a duel. We go under the Okeechobee tunnel and pop out on the Sunfest side. I see the first tent and Meyer Amphitheater – I know where this is going. I am funneled into the road by traffic cones. No one passes me, I pass one maybe two runners in the last 1000 meters. It’s very sunny and I keep the pace all the way to the finish arch. It’s a good one at 19:17. That’s enough to win for my age group, even as I am listed in an “Uncategorized Male” group with two others. Matt Triggs wins the 50-54 AG with a 20:11. I’m happy with the result!

It seemed as if we had a few moments of shade had the race started on time. Once we get to the finish, it is as if a shade gets pulled over the sun. I am in the shade of the large palm trees but it’s breezy and cool. a few beers from bib tickets and it’s a good race to grow from..


A 5k first! 

photo credit Andrea Moxey

Today I attended the 2nd Garden of Life 5k at PGA National Resort and Spa. I was a volunteer for this event like last year. For the first running of this race, I was at the “crossroads” of golf cart paths that get run past twice on the course. It’s an important spot where four cart paths meet that runners could mix up and go the wrong way.

This year I was the lead biker for the Elite Female division. Garden of Life has made a large investment into this really fun local event. Prizes for elites are $3k, $2k, $1k for male and female. Additionally, there are $100 prizes for the top runners in every age group! So the 500+ people from last year have now grown to near 1200 runners.

There are 10 designated “elite” slots for male and female respectively. Each athlete had to submit times to qualify to race for the cash prizes. If they win their age group and not a 1, 2, or 3 prize, they get the $100. I am tasked with riding the course in front of the elite ladies, some of these girls are from here. Regina Goolsby, Jen Nicholson, and Lee Dipietro are in there. One lady came from Massachusetts, Rachel Schilkowsky, she is on paper the fastest entrant.

Time to Run!

We take off only 2 minutes behind the men’s elite runners. They have several athletes that flew in from elsewhere to try for the prize money. The winner is Jordan Chipangama, a marathoner from Zambia. He came from Flagstaff, AZ for this race. I spoke with Jordan earlier, he is concerned someone can “take him on” in the 5k distance, not his strength. He ran in the Rio Olympics in the marathon for his country. His best marathon time is 2:11!

The ladies start is on time and Rachel is an early leader, surging quickly ahead of any contenders. They don’t pose any threat to her as we round the parking lot, hotel, and head onto the golf course. She is running well, definitely working for it, but pulling away by mile #1. This race and the $3000 prize for first place is all hers if she can stay ahead, which looks very likely. Only an injury or mishap could take it away – Rachel is powering hard behind me. I have to keep checking that I am ahead of her by enough, sometimes I coast and then get spooked when I turn around and think she might catch me. She doesn’t really get close to me, it’s just us two circling the course, we don’t see fans or any others until the midpoint water stop. There are WT Dwyer HS volunteers and a few adults cheering and handing out drinks. Rachel is so far ahead – my guess is a full 300-400m from the second place girl. We come around the next hole and double back to the water stop on the other side – now there are regular field runners hitting the first side of the dual water stop. I see Maureen Flynn walk through and head up the small roller labeled “Heartbreak Hill.” I lead Rachel through the “crossroads” path area, now she can see the finish. There is one slight rise on the course, but she can hear the cheers of those around the finish line. I see Bill, the lead cyclist in front of the men. He comes back riding towards me and says the winner finished in 14:26. Close behind second was run in 14:29 followed by the third place male in 14:47.

Rachel wins in 16:47, second for ladies is 17:40 and third place gets $1000 for a 19:01 finish. As was the case last year, Garden of Life gives out very impressive goodie bags filled with their products to all runners. I received one, I see it is different stuff from last year but plenty of bars and powders. This race is well done and may be outgrowing PGA National as a venue.

I’m happy I was a piece of the exciting morning only a few miles from my house. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to be the solo lead cyclist responsible for guiding an out-of-town girl to a $3000 prize, but it was fun to experience this side of volunteering for a 5k.


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