In good weather or in better weather.

2000 yards. 75 degrees out of the water, 80 degrees in the pool.  I love getting the, “I’m not cold going in the pool” feeling.  My breathing hold the air to exhale as long as possible feels more natural.  I cramped in my toes trying the last 100 kick with long fins. True I had little water today and no pre swim banana. Lesson learned, I am going for two swims per week.  Walter came again, 5 out of my last 6 times he’s enjoyed the break from the office.

5 Warmup Set (400y)
16 x 25 build @ 0:40

Main Set (1500y)
7 x [25 @ 0:05 rest, 75 @ 0:10 rest, 25 @ 0:05 rest, 50 @ 0:10 rest, 25 @ 0:05 rest]
100 kick

Warmdown Set (100y)
75 [odds drill, evens swim] @ 0:10 rest
25 non-free

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