Is it 6 am yet?

6 miles We get to the high school earlier than 6 am now, the new "plan" is to arrive at 5:45 am, park near the entrance gate, and do the warmup jog on Alton. That worked today, I ran with Gary and Seth for a little over a mile. When the guard arrived (a tad … Continue reading Is it 6 am yet?

Blue moon recovery run

7.5 miles Is this what I was supposed to see this morning? I did catch views of the moon before it went into the clouds and then behind the large colorful building next to the bridge. I arrived a few minutes later, no love from the traffic lights on Blue Heron Boulevard I guess. I … Continue reading Blue moon recovery run

Ft Lauderdale A1A Marathon 2017

Year #12 for this race was back to the warm weather we have had in South Florida for many Palm Beach and A1A marathons. Temperatures at the start were 70 degrees, with a daily high of 87 degrees predicted. I was ready, I had a good formula from last year for preparation for nutrition and race … Continue reading Ft Lauderdale A1A Marathon 2017

Last one of the year…

5mi. Still barely December, still high 70s in the early morning! Marty, Franci, Paul and Seth where the early ones today. Not a large group for the last track speed workout of 2015. Paul said he was sweating after one warmup lap -  he later joked that, "The end times are near" since we haven't … Continue reading Last one of the year…